Digital Storm ODE

  • Category: Notebook/Computer
Digital Storm
Operating System: 
Self or Bus Powered: 
Self Powered
Self or Bus Powered: 
Bus Powered
Number of Thunderbolt Ports: 
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The Digital Storm ODE is a performance PC featuring the latest technology that’s been fully optimized for the best performance with incredible value.

The ODE demolishes anything it encounters thanks to its arsenal of cutting edge hardware. Spearheaded by a liquid cooled and overclocked bleeding edge Intel processor, NVIDIA's newest next-gen graphic technology, and a blazingly fast Corsair solid state drive, the ODE delivers the type of fluid smooth graphics enthusiasts over. For users looking to rid themselves of sluggish game-play, the ODE is the perfect upgrade.

The ODE provides the peace of mind a DIY computer can’t. It incorporates the best technology and performance without breaking the bank. The money you may save by building it yourself is eaten away by the time you spend: ordering the parts, putting it together, installing Windows/drivers, and overclocking it. Don’t forget about support! With no testing or assembly required, just take the ODE out of the box and begin dominating the competition.

The ODE is built with same dedication to meticulous detail that every single Digital Storm custom PC is known and offers an optimized configuration that provides great performance for your dollars. A standard pre-optimized configuration gets the ODE into your hands without delay so that you are up as soon as possible. Thoroughly tested and expertly crafted, the ODE is ready to deliver the most fluid and immersive experience you’ve ever had.

Being powerful is something the ODE absolutely excels at, but it can’t be denied that the ODE’s design is also absolutely stunning as well. With a smooth and curved exterior that looks like something out of a Star Wars scene, the ODE also has exterior panels with quick release handles that make access to internal components simple. The interior is also well designed for future upgradeability.